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H. Ciphered Brony F.

Personal blog of Ciphered Inc. future founder and CEO.
Apr 25 '12

JISD school disallows Wounded Warriors shirt

Think your school is stupid? Think again.

This school in Texas forces ELEMENTARY-GRADE KIDS (Primary, for those in Britain) to wear polo shirts - in other words, disallowing them to express themselves through clothing.

You’re not meant to be professional as a kid. Life as a child should be spent well, not as a polo-wearing, non-individual robot that says “Good morning teacher” in unison with its fellow robotic polo-wearers.

I suppose that my point is, uniforms for students are ridiculous. The kid is 7. Why should you force him to wear specific clothing? Perhaps it’s an easy way to teach the ideology that your life is not yours, and that since these young children have no concept of the Constitution and their rights, these private schools get away with being stuck-up and inflicting psychological damages on kids by making them into robots.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure the way you dress is how you express yourself, therefore public school uniforms are against the first amendment. I’m not going to protest private school uniforms for that reason since private school is typically not run by the government.

Apr 22 '12

Complete lifestyle overhaul

So, today, I tasked myself with getting around to watch A Canterlot Wedding.

What did I encounter?

A song that did something to me.

The first few lines pulled a switch in my head.

I’ve now realized that my life is going to be a wreck if I don’t fix it now.

The difference between me and Twilight Sparkle is my lack of a sibling. What does this mean?

It means I need a major change in my life, and I’m having it happen now.

I can’t continue living like this. What’s the point in being successful in the business world if I’ll be miserable my entire life? It’s not right for me.

From this day forward, my top priority shall be self-reform.

Apr 14 '12

Legend of Korra review - CipheredMedia

When I began watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, I became a man of constant sorrow when the show finally ended. However, with this new steampunk-esque, modernized sequel, I was overjoyed. Already, I’m expressing my eagerness for this show by starting the review before I finish the show. (Korra just passed the firebending test.) The first series had boasted a favorable, comfortable, and balanced combination of gags, action, and a stable plot.

The entire time I watched the first series, I always wondered what happened afterwards. My questions about how the society would progress have now been answered. The Republic City lacks the same building styles as the other cities from before (Ba Sing Se, etc) that showed obvious structural styles. That does not remove the extreme awesomeness from the new series, though.

I’m looking forward to another bending universe adventure, and I hope to see the following:

>A character acquiring Sokka’s sword

>Something about the other characters, such as Iroh and Zuko

>Pop culture references


I’m concerned that many will mishear the name Amon as Anon and assume that Anonymous is being portrayed as the villians in the show, and thus a psuedo-political shitstorm will arise. Let me address those who consider themselves Anon:

This is NOT a political attack against you guys/gals. If you think it is, then please use reasonable assumption. Yes, the guy’s name is one letter from Anon. Yes, his mask is similar to the Guy Fawkes mask. However, be aware that this is merely a cartoon, and shouldn’t cause you to get your collective panties in a twist because the villians are masked and follow the sociological conflict theories. If you want, I’ll make my first formal interview about asking the crew of The Legend Of Korra questions about the show. An inquiry about whether or not “Amon” is supposed to be a political assault will be included.

I’m also concerned that M. Night Shyamalan will screw up the show again by making a live-action movie out of it. He really messed it up. First of all, the firebenders shouldn’t have been given a physical burning object to draw fire from. The premise of the animated show was that no explanation for firebending was needed - fire was simply to be drawn out of thin air. In my opinion, that would actually make sense, due to the fact of heat lingering in the air could have been condensed by firebending to form the fire. In short, I hate you, Shyamalan. You really botched up that movie. Don’t try it again with The Legend Of Korra, or I’ll demand that the viewing public and fanbase boycott it.

I still cannot believe that I wasted money on that show-ruining train wreck.

(Shyamalan’s other movies are shoddy, too. I mean, “The Cabin In The Woods”? Really? How do you manage to mess up when making an already crappy, over-saturated film genre? Ridiculous.)


I give this show a 9.5 out of 10. Less disappointing city building style would have given this show a 10 out of 10, but hey, you can’t be perfect.

-Sir Ciphered

Apr 5 '12

Trayvon Martin Case - CipheredJournalism Report

*rolls blinds shut, locks doors*

Okay. Listen. Here’s a few things I need to set straight.

First of all, this murder was most likely NOT a racial one. The only possible factor that could have made his killing of Trayvon a hate crime is the fact that the community had experienced several robberies committed by Black Americans. (No, I am NOT going to call them African Americans. Most of them weren’t born in Africa themselves, so it makes more sense to call them Black Americans. If not calling them African Americans makes me racist, then by God, I will gladly be racist.)

Second of all, the left media is ABUSING the race card. Huffington Post called Zimmerman a “White Hispanic” ( as did Reuters and The New York Times, reportedly. What the fuck is a “White Hispanic”? You’re either Caucasian or you’re Hispanic. Liberal media outlets are trying to garner more outrage over this shooting that occurred more likely over suspicion than over prejudice.

Three: For fucks’ sakes, you can protest if you want, but why the fuck should you be violent with it? We didn’t declare war on King George when we sent over the Declaration of Independence. He decided to be tyrannical and punish us with warships up our ass (Although we did beat them). Your most powerful tool of societal change is not a sword, a fist, or a rifle. It is the pen, the quill and inkwell, the mechanical pencil that you throw away when you FUCKING RUN OUT OF THAT MOTHERFUCKING FRAGILE-ASS LEAD, MOTHERFUCK

Welp, I’m tired as hell. G’night. Call me racist if you want, because I KNOW it’s not true. (I am far too sleepy to throw in my arguement targeted at Conservatives. I /might/ be able to edit it in tomorrow. We’ll see.) -Sir Ciphered

Apr 2 '12

I’m changing… ugh.

Great. My etiquette, personality, and interests are changing.

I’m drifting from classic rock (although I still love it) to rap.

Personally, the only downside is a possible overhaul of my inhibitory senses, causing my grammar and foresight skills to be destroyed.

In other words, total typical teen douchebagification.

Mar 6 '12

Press: A World Of Flames

With the free press our Constitution grants us, we receive plenty of reports, articles, and headlines, but how accurate or neutral are they?

In the world of press, you have five types of news groups: left-wing, right-wing, neutral, independent, and non-political (e.g. sports news, celebrities). With this comes a blazing world of hellish fire and figurative flamethrowing. Groups sling monkey feces across the airwaves as candidates blast one another and scandals grow like fungus on Bill Dauterive’s feet. The electoral times cause channel ratings to grow to enormous heights as they all waffle about. However, no part of press is as dirty as the independent bloggers.

Independent bloggers - although I count as one - normally either sicken or inspire me. From the blog of Howie Klein, who must have a courtesy and decency deficiency, to my own deep, dank, undiscovered political flame haven, the fires of press are vigorously stoked by independent bloggers as if the lives of every human on planet Earth depended on such.

With the deathly, hate-stoked flames of the bloggerpress,

-Sir Ciphered

Mar 4 '12

Proof That The End Is Nigh (Parody Post)


Our Lord sent us a signal recently that warns us that he has intended 2012 to be the beginning of the seven year period of judgement. The evidence is:

The deviant one, Lindsay Lohan, has been shown in the world’s atheistic, demonic news without the cause being her sacreligious disobedience of the Word of God.

To quote the line in the Holy Bible that predicts this:

"And the papers shall be full of ink spelling the name of the deviant one; she will have done something that none shall have expected; and it will fool the demonic ones into trusting her." -Lohanians 9:34


Feb 26 '12

Why the government hiding weapons from us is a good thing

Look, guys, plain and simple:

The government does not need to be transparent and overt with its military actions.

Do you know why?

1: The general public has no use of the information. No civilian is going to gain anything knowing what sort of secret, unused weapons we have. It’s like telling a person what candy will be at a party weeks before a party happens. By the time the party finally occurs, the kid will have lost all anticipation and excitedness about the candy, and forget that he knew. It’s the same with the military weapons. These things are tested decades before they are used in combat. What’s the point in spoiling it?

2: There is still such a thing as espionage. The Internet is available to anyone with access - including governments and terrorist groups. Any belief that the government should trust the general public is naive. Did you trust your classmates not to steal some of your food from your plate in school when you got up to do something else? Do you go and wave your “ingenious ideas” in peoples’ faces, thinking they’ll just sit back, watch you forget it, and move along without taking it for themselves? I certainly don’t, and if you are naive enough to do so, then it’s evident why you don’t think critically about why our government hides things from us.

3: It’s no big deal. So what if we have vehicles that the world doesn’t know about? Does that mean they need to? Do any of you comprehend anything about the world? If you were going to be in a gunfight, would you tell your enemy that you have the upper edge because your guys have BARs (for you uneducated folk, it’s the Browning Automatic Rifle) and you KNOW the opponents have puny ass pistols? I’m all for fairness, but not when it comes to war. The purpose of war is to win, and that means having the upper edge. If you people go and reveal to the world what weapons our government hides from us, other nations who may be bracing for war (not saying there are) will find out, and they’ll reach an equal playing field - if not develop better weaponry.

In conclusion, quit thinking that the government hiding weapons from us is bad, because if you knew jack shit about the military, you’d know that keeping those a secret means whether or not America wins a war.

-Sir Ciphered

Feb 14 '12

Why the IB school program needs to be cut

Greetings, readers. If you know me from Twitter, then you’ll know that I rant about IB unexpectedly. Well, here is a formal explanation as to why I criticize it.

First of all, when I was in Elementary School, I was told that I was gifted. The school placed me in SOAR. All we did in SOAR was test for PACE once a year. I never got in.

Well, when the 5th Grade was almost over, IB had existed for one year, and I decided to test for it.

I got to the school to take the test, I realized something that got me worried: The IB test packets, questions, and formats were 100% identical to the PACE tests, questions, and formants. The only difference was an essay, and I must admit, I did not have an excellent talent for persuasive writing back then. I’d prefer not to discuss what I wrote about, because today I realize I could not have been a bigger idiot when I wrote it.

So, when I get to Middle School, I am sequestered from nearly everyone from my childhood, simply because the school system intends for students to make new friends - and who knows, maybe even abandon the old ones. If you and your friends were both AP or Regular, you were most likely going to be reunited in Junior High School, along with possibly still being with your new friends. However, it’s still sequestered in Junior High, up until after the 10th Grade, which is the cutoff point for many things (Mandatory Physical Education, IB, etc.).

The IB system requires a student to do a certain amount of community service hours. I forgot the full number, and the IB website didn’t say exactly, but something that happened in my Science class struck me. You see, in my school, IB (or MYP, as they also call it here), has begun to lose funding from the state. As a result, the IB and Honors (or AP) classes were blended. (Which is how I met my love interest, but that’s another story.) During class, our teacher passed out a paper to all the IB students. I glanced at it, and it was a fundraiser paper. The students were selling plants. However, something stood out to me: The students would be granted a certain number of community service hours (unable to remember the amount, probably 10 or 20 hours) if they sold a certain amount of plants. In other words, the IB system considers selling Christmas plants to fund itself a community service.

I told the student how ridiculous that was, and he said, “We have so much homework that we can’t really do community service.” To be honest, I highly doubt that. You can do homework in class, manage your time perfectly, and go do service on the weekends. If you have a project, then you won’t be able to do as much community service. Besides, if t was virtually impossible for the students to do said service, then why haven’t parents complained and asked the people who run IB to remove the service requirement?

In IB, you’re sequestered for 2 (would have been 5 if they didn’t start to lose funding) years from the rest of the students. Due to human nature, such a sequesterment can subconciously teach a person that they are better than the other students because they were set apart. As a result, we end up with arrogant, self-righteous asshole students who lose their courtesy for others who aren’t also IB students.

IB supposedly teaches students to think on an international level. However, there’s an issue with this. This is, bluntly put, forcing the internationalist ideology on the future leaders and workforce of the United States of America. The problem with this is that teaching the students such a thing will convince them to move to nations with better GDPs, rather than working to fix America’s own GDP. Thus, by forcing this upon our youth, we shoot ourselves in the foot, and if IB is not cut en masse, we might feel consequences later. Therefore, the IB program will become an inevitable menace to the our current way of life, the availability of opportunity, and the American Dream, if we do not cut it out of schools or severely strangle its funding.

-Sir Ciphered

Feb 8 '12

Seriously, guys?

I want to find the person who leaked Hearts and Hooves Day and beat them senseless, then get my Twitter friends to pizzabomb him or her.

The results of leaking the episode:

1: Hasbro is going to be really, really pissed, and we may wind up on shitty-ass terms with them.

2: (This is aimed at the leaker) You’ve proven that you are an impatient asshole who cannot wait two more days to see fucking canon shipping, which has angered qute a few bronies from what I’ve seen.

3: Now, I have to worry about possibly setting myself into Twitter quarantine UNTILE FUCKING SATURDAY because of YOUR IMPATIENT ASS LEAKING THE GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING VIDEO because you just COULD NOT WAIT THREE MORE DAYS TO WATCH A GODDAMN NEW EPISODE.

When I find out who did it, they will be so heavily raged at.

You do not anger Sir Ciphered Tinge.

You, whoever you are, have incurred my rage and wrath.

-Sir Ciphered